Plush Familiars: Snowdrop and Luna

Plush Familiars: Snowdrop and Luna



Born when something comes to life. Born when something goes to death. Born when something crosses an in-between.

Garden Spirit Familiars take their names and their personalities from locations, items, and events filled with magic. So it’s no wonder that they pop up around witches. Fortunately, they are helpful little creatures and enjoy working with others. Each and every one is one of a kind and hand-made, to the last detail. 8.5 inches tall.

The Snowdrop is known as the Harbinger of Spring, and this little familiar is happy to herald a new spring into your life. New possibilities, and a warm breeze to banish stagnation. Renewal. A Fresh Start. Persistence. A delicate appearance hiding a strong heart and a strong will. A chilly rain that turns to snow, and then back to rain. Awakening. Melting snow falling from tree branches. Freezing rain on eyelashes. Waking from a dream. Emergence. Delicate, tiny footsteps on still-frozen soil. The frost melts and swells the river. Fish stir beneath the ice, and then the ice breaks.

Temperament: Gentle, but strict. She enjoys napping in sunny spots and especially loves water. Melted snow and storm water are her favorite.

Luna can refer to the Earth’s moon, or the pale green moth. Both are seen most often at night, and reflect stillness combined with activity. Great for dreamwork and especially helpful with magic related to the night. The moonlight that bathes the garden. Restless sleep. Sultry nights. Open windows and insect song. Honeysuckle on the breeze, cloying. A maiden on a midnight walk. A petal falls into the birdbath, and ripples spill out around it. Boots muddied from gardening, laid outside overnight. Fluffy feather down left amongst the bushes and grass. Fluffy powder puffs. A vanity, or an altar. A witch brushes their hair in the early morning, before dawn. A perfumed locket.

Temperament: A dreamer, and a frequent napper during the day. Most active at dusk and night. Loves flowers and fine-smelling things.

Both of these little familiars are hand-stitched, and made with love. Luna is stuffed with a mixture of lavender and rose in addition to polyfill. Snowdrop is stuffed with polyfill. Both little cuties can’t wait to work with witches. These plush familiars are available on my Etsy. What do you think would make great inspiration for a familiar? Let me know in the comments below!

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