Cat Claw: What’s it Good For?

Cat Claw: What’s it Good For?

I have two cats. They are named Pluto and Mercury, or You Two Assholes depending on what they have done. Neither of them are declawed. Usually, I put Softpaws (small, vinyl caps) over their claws to keep them from ruining all of my worldly possessions. If anything, the only difference my cats notice is their decreased ability to destroy everything all around them. Even then, they tend to forget once they get a snack or their mid-afternoon naptime rolls around. Every once in a while, they do pull the Softpaws off. I find them in the carpet or stuck in one of the Sacrificial Chairs the cats are permitted to claw. They shed off with the cat claws naturally.

Sometimes, when I’ve forgotten to replace the Softpaws for a month or so, I find shed cat claws here and there around the house. For a long time, I just got out the vacuum and threw them out. But, then I thought, why would I waste something so useful? Domestic cats already have a strong connection to witches, if only by association. But, domestic cats (Felis catus) are some of the most successful hunters on the planet. Let’s be honest, they’ll hunt just about anything. Rodents, birds, fish, and insects are all fair game. However, some cats don’t seem to realize how small they are, and will show predatory stalking behavior towards things as large as the mail truck. If you consider that some cats kill for what appears to be entertainment, they’re actually the most successful out of all felines. Domestic cats kill the most in quantity, variety, and frequency out of all felines. So their claws should be great ingredients for spellwork.

I’d use a shed cat claw for anything ranging from ‘catching’ something nice like a new job or in part of a ward around my house (territory). I imagine it would make a good marker on a ward that troublesome individuals should stay out. I would also use them in a protective charm, a sting to get someone getting too close for comfort to back off. A jar of naturally shed cat claws would make a wonderful gift someone working with Freja or Sekhmet. What would you use cat claws for? Let me know in the comments below!

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