Plush Familiar: Étoile

Plush Familiar: Étoile

Born when something comes to life. Born when something goes to death. Born when something crosses an in-between.

Garden Spirit Familiars take their names and their personalities from locations, items, and events filled with magic. So it’s no wonder that they pop up around witches. Fortunately, they are helpful little creatures and enjoy working with others. Each and every one is one of a kind and hand-made, to the last detail. 8.5 inches tall.

Étoile means ‘star’, but this little creature was also inspired by chilly winter nights when the stars and moon are all hidden by a thick veil of clouds. Stillness broken by cutting winter air, then stillness once more. The place between waking and falling once more into slumber. Cold tea. A mineral that has left chips in your bag, now imperfect.

Temperament: Comes across as detached or cold, but just really isn’t big on elaborate displays. Affection comes in the form of patience, loyalty, and being a very good listener. Great for help with dream work, and anything in the night. A nocturnal creature. Loves snowflakes.

This little familiar is hand-stitched, and made with love. Étoile is stuffed with a mixture of cloves and myrrh in addition to polyfill. And this little cutie can’t wait to work with a witch of their own. Available on my Etsy. What do you think would make great inspiration for a familiar? Let me know in the comments below!

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