What are Magic Uses for Limestone?

What are Magic Uses for Limestone?

Limestone is everywhere in Indiana, and no one thinks about it. It’s dull, with a pale and chalky appearance and it’s common as dirt. In some parts of the state, you can literally park off the side of the highway and pull fossils out of the layers of limestone already visible.

Why the hell is this? Millions of years ago, a warm, shallow sea covered parts of what would become the United States. The innumerable shells, corals, and bones of aquatic life fell to the ocean floor, accumulating over the millennia. The state of Indiana is nothing but loam and clay on top of a mass of shells and bones crushed by the burden of a glacier into one of the softest minerals there is.

Limestone is the remains of innumerable organisms crushed into a solid form by weight and time. There is so much calcium in limestone that it is crushed into a near powder and given to poultry as a supplement during their egg-laying years. Carved and used in architecture, it is nothing but the remains of creatures too long dead for us to really comprehend. They’re just in a different shape, now. Sometimes I think about this in the car, passing buildings with walls and floors made of the bones we dragged up from the earth. It’s not just a metaphor. I do wonder if, maybe, one day far after my death if I might join the masses of dead in limestone, too.

Quarries also dot the state—more numerous than Starbucks in the suburbs. I grew up with many warnings against playing in limestone quarries—giant square holes raked into the earth that sometimes filled up with rain water and metal scrap too large or inconvenient to dispose of properly. I heard my fair share of tall tales about children getting caught in hidden rubbish, and drowning in those excavated tombs.

With a history like that, how can you not want a sample in your mineral collection?

In a land-locked area, Limestone could be a good alternative to locally found shells or other items of the sea. It may take some work, but I feel this mineral has a strong connection to water and the ocean. After all, it was in the ocean for a much longer period of time than it was under the earth. Good for the home and spells related to domestics, it is also good for health related spells. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was good for people with a weak emotional foundation or ‘bones’. What minerals are local to your area? Let me know in the comments below.

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