What are Some Ways to Meditate?

What are Some Ways to Meditate?

Almost every book about witchcraft I have read mentions the importance of meditation. A lot of spellwork requires energy manipulation, visualization, sensing, and/or focus, and meditation is how to work your mental muscles for all four of those. I’m sure everyone will get tired of hearing this sooner rather than later, but you only get out of meditation practice what you put into it. Regular practice is better than sporadic practice, and sporadic practice is better than none. I personally have a bad habit of forgetting to meditate for weeks or months at a time before deciding to give it a renewed effort.

Once in a while, I’ve even worn myself out with daily meditations. You have to start out small with your meditation muscles, and build from there. Or, at least learn your limitations and go for slow and steady progress.

There are as many meditation methods as there are stars in the sky, but I’ll outline a few broad categories below. Each witch is different. So try out some different methods to find what suits you best.

Total silence meditation is just that: total silence. The idea is to sit still and clear the mind entirely for long periods of time—or a few minutes to start out with. Ignoring all thoughts or stimuli, I think this is by far the most difficult to practice. My blood circulation is rather poor, so my limbs fall asleep very easily and it’s easy to get uncomfortable. My head is also often too full for comfort, and it’s hard to settle the mind down entirely. The only time I ever achieve something close to mental silence is during yoga—but some don’t consider that meditation at all due to the physical activity.

Sound-assisted meditation involves using a song or other sound to keep focused during meditation. Some use chimes, bells, or ocean waves. I prefer music the best, and have a few favorites on YouTube that I use over and over again. (Links at the bottom) Again, it’s hard for me to get mental silence, but music does help me find something to focus on. Usually I do visualization and focus exercises, a little bit of a step up from daydreaming but not as intense as astral travel. Having a ‘task’ at hand or working on visualization tends to be just enough activity for my over-active brain to keep things on track.

Guided meditations are pre-recorded meditations designed with a specific purpose in mind. There are many available online for free. Some also use music and some do not. I’ve also heard of developing your own meditations and recording your own voice can help with these. Science says that our bodies respond best to our own voices as well. I’ve had pretty good success mixing the sound-assisted meditation and guided meditations as opposed to the total silence meditations I used to try.

There are also breathing meditations, and physical meditations. I’ll go further into depth with each type later on.

What is your favorite method? Is there another name you call it? Comment below! I’d love to hear about it.


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