How to Make a Meditation Bath

How to Make a Meditation Bath

I started taking baths regularly around two years ago, instead of always showering. While I enjoy spending time soaking or playing on my phone, I’ve found that baths are also great for meditation. Usually meditating has a few obstacles for me. First, I’m very sensitive to the cold, so a warm bath gets rid of that problem for me. (You may get colder or warmer when meditating, or not experience temperature changes at all.) Second, people or cats trying to get my attention can make meditating all but impossible. The bathroom solves that, too. Little says ‘give me some privacy’ to someone else in your house like a closed bathroom door.


Usually, I use either a guided meditation recording or some music to help. I also like to add some sea salt and essential oils as well. LUSH bath bombs are my favorite, but they tend to get a little pricy in quantity. So, I buy essential oils and herbs from to use with sea salt. They can be expensive at the beginning. However, if you use only 4-5 drops of oil per bath, one vial can last quite a long time! For a while, I tried meditating daily for 15-20 minutes, and that’s the only time I started noticing that I was running out of my oil. Even then, it would have lasted two to three months easily. That’s much more economical for $4-$8 a pop with bath bombs. Right now, my favorite is scent Cedar Wood Atlas with Ylang Ylang. Clove and Benzoin are next on my list to try.


I’ve also heard that sachets of herbs can make a good meditation bath, and I might try those this year as well. You can also try hanging an herb sachet under a showerhead for a witch shower. Have you tried any witch baths? Let me know in the comments below!


Note: these are VERY diluted amounts of essential oil. I’m using 4-5 drops in an entire bathtub of water. Essential oils can burn the skin. Do not apply them directly to your eyes or any mucus membranes. Please be careful, everyone!

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