Rain Water: What’s it Good For?

Rain Water: What’s it Good For?

Rain water is not only easily accessible; it also has the added bonus of being free. Who doesn’t love free? This makes it a wonderful thing for beginner and experienced witches alike. It’s hard to argue with free. Placing a clean pie plate or other container outside during the rain is sufficient to collect a bottle’s worth, depending on where you live. Just be careful not to leave it outside for too long, or leaves and other natural treasures will fall inside and might make a little nursery for mosquitoes.

The tricky part is keeping your water clean and well-stored. Unfortunately, the last bottle I kept my rain water in wasn’t air-tight. So almost all of it evaporated. Whoops. Good thing I can get more.

Cleansing and charging are the two main tasks I use rain water for. I imagine a strong storm washing all residual energy away when I cleanse with rain water. If you want, you can just pour some out onto a cloth and then use that. Be super careful when cleansing your minerals and crystals with rain water. Some do not react well with water at all! Better to use moonlight or sunlight. You could even use starlight or the dark void of a new moon. If you aren’t sure which minerals should not be cleansed in water, run a Google search and find out. I make a note in my Grimoire about minerals that cannot be cleaned with water as I find new information about it.

There are several other uses for rain water, and they are not limited to what I use it for. When I make holy water, the primary ingredients I use are rain water, salt, and quartz crystals. Rain water is also my preferred water for cleaning anything on my altar. I’ve also heard that it’s great for cleaning scrying mirrors. Another witch I know takes rain cleansing a step further. She waits until a huge thunderstorm hits, and then puts items safe to cleanse in water outside—right in the thick of it.

What uses for rain water have you heard of, or use yourself? Let me know in the comments below.




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