Fluorite: What’s it Good For?

Fluorite: What’s it Good For?

Fluorite is one of my absolute favorite minerals. It comes in a wide variety of colors, even within the same crystal. From dreamy, creamy whites to transparent whites, to blues, to greens, to purples, fluorite is an absolute delight to look at.


Fluorite is also called fluorspar, and has the atomic formula of CaF2. That’s two Fluorine atoms bonded to a Calcium atom, if you are curious. Fluorine occurs as a poisonous gas in many conditions. It has seven electrons in its outer shell, and Calcium has two—so the bond between those three atoms leads to a general even 8 electrons per outer shell and/or a full outer shell. That’s an energetically preferable way to be, for the non-science readers on this blog.


Fluorite is a great cleanser, and I’ve been told it helps augment the abilities of other minerals. For people like me, who seem to suffer from never-ending mental chatter, it soothes and aids in meditation as well as quieting the mind. To that end, it also helps with focus and learning, so it’s a great addition to a student’s collection. Supposedly it also helps with treating depression symptoms and aiding in decision-making. Many claim that different colors of Fluorite have different properties. I’m a sucker for every color, so I don’t worry very much about the uses of each individual color, but, that might be a fun research project.


Fluorite is readily available, and I usually leave the local rock and mineral show with more specimens in my bag. If you’re looking for inexpensive minerals to start out with, I definitely recommend tumbled fluorite! I usually can find it for a dollar a piece, or even cheaper. Right now I’m really in love with points, or towers.


If you want to carry it around with you, be careful! With a Mohs hardness of only 4, it can chip. One of my favorite pieces has a little chip in the side now, and I feel awful about it. So learn from my mistakes, everyone!


Have a story about Fluorite or an observation about this beautiful mineral? Let me know in the comments below!

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