Is There a Ghost in my House? Can the Living Haunt you?

Is There a Ghost in my House? Can the Living Haunt you?

Time for a bit of a strange topic. Information about the dead, spirits and hauntings are common in witchcraft circles, both secular and religious. I have pretty limited experience with the dead, but my experience has lead me to believe that the living are likely to be far more dangerous. And, yes, the living can haunt a home.

Some of you might be wondering what I mean when I say that the living can haunt a place. I mean their energy. Their energy can soak into a home or a building, and it can cause trouble. What makes it worse is that the energy of the living can stir up other spirits like nobody’s business.


My nuclear family is a mess. When I was growing up, my parents had an emotionally abusive relationship with each other, me, and the cousins living in my house. Gas-lighting, manipulation, and many other toxic behaviors were just part of the day to day. I didn’t like being in that building. I especially didn’t feel safe at night, or sometimes even in the day. Several other spiritually sensitive family members confirmed that there was a spirit in the house before I even told them that I had seen it—although it was completely benign.


I started having trouble sleeping when I was thirteen. It stayed that way for years. I would literally wake up in the middle of the night paralyzed with fear nearly every day out of the week. It was difficult to get anything done in school, because there was always this feeling of being watched. Something was always watching and waiting, or at least that was what it felt like. The cats would stare at nothing and hiss.


Fear. Guilt. Self-loathing. Anger. All of that is energy. Those things seeped into the house. Other people reported feeling a sense of dread and other stereotypical haunting ‘symptoms’ like cold spots after a while. My spiritually sensitive family members tried cleansing the house several times while my parents were not home—religion, or faith, or spirituality were not tolerated in that house. But, the problems always came back. Both of my cousins also started experiencing sleep disturbances. What we didn’t consider was that the source was living. It was the family itself, our own dysfunction that haunted that home. We riled up what was already there.


I hear the current residents are doing fine with that house. Since then, I’ve known several people in abusive relationships who reported supernatural activity spike in their residences. Like brings like. If you stir up a peaceful building with toxic energy, it will remember. The other energy there will remember.


My sleep has been a mess the past few years, after nearly a year of peaceful slumber. Why? I started slipping into bad habits, and started unconsciously looking for the approval of the people who I shouldn’t hold onto. It’s taking some work to try and de-program that again. But, I’ve had at least one night of good sleep since beginning Shadow Work again. It’s just another reason to move on from poisonous people. They can haunt you. They can haunt buildings. And by holding onto them, you can, too.



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