What is New at the CedarCopse Store?

What is New at the CedarCopse Store?

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am ready for spring. There are a ton of new things coming to the CedarCopse Store this week, and I’ve got plenty of ideas for more treasures!


I updated the planner printables for witchy inventory, which come in A5. The full set has pages for Mineral, Herbal, Divination, and Miscellaneous inventory. I’m planning on having them available in PDF and PNG formats for download. I’m not sure if I’m going to offer them already printed or not. I really enjoyed making these, so let me know if there is another printable that you guys would find useful!


Next up are seashell candles. Even though I don’t work with Aphrodite, I made these with Sea Witches and witches who work with Aphrodite in mind. They also make for great altar decorations, or decorations for witches on the down-low. I think they’d look great in a bedroom or bathroom—especially by the bathtub! Combined with some quartz towers and blue candles, no one would guess your beautiful bath-side display was a miniature altar.



Snoots are a new species of familiar that will join the shop in a short while. They are in a second prototype, and I’m working the kinks out of their design. Hopefully I’m only one or two prototypes away from when they will be ready to go out. They are cute little buggers!


I’ve got a couple more things in the works that aren’t quite at the prototype stage. But look forward to seeing some leather products and some altar wreathes in the future! I’m personally fond of wreathes, as they can hang on hooks and are easy to store. I have several for the front door—for all four seasons. I can’t wait to get some in-progress shots for the CedarCopse Instagram!


Here is my personal wreath!


If you guys are looking for anything in particular, let me know in the comments below!

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