What is The Black Tapes Podcast?

What is The Black Tapes Podcast?

I am all about podcasts. The first one I ever followed was Welcome to Nightvale, and I’ve been hooked on podcasts ever since. But, I have recently discovered The Black Tapes Podcast, to my absolute delight. Get a drink, and turn out the lights, because it’s about to get spooky in here.


The Black Tapes Podcast is a combination of a drama and a documentary following the host, Alex Reagan, and her interactions with the acerbic and highly skeptical Dr. Strand. Dr. Strand doesn’t believe in the paranormal, and he’s willing to pay big money to anyone who can provide definitive evidence to the contrary. This makes him rather unpopular amongst paranormal investigators and ghost-busters alike. This is how Alex Reagan comes to discover him—through his poor reputation amongst the paranormal enthusiasts. The titular ‘Black Tapes’ are a collection of events that Dr. Strand can’t explain or debunk as fraud or coincidence. Shortly after meeting Dr. Strand, Alex begins going through the tapes and speaking with the people involved. It also soon appears that Dr. Strand might not be the skeptic he presents himself as.


A new episode airs on iTunes every two weeks—and I always start itching for a new episode about half-way through that first week. And damn, are they creepy! I’m an utter weenie when it comes to horror, and I can’t listen to these podcasts during the night. It isn’t quite The No Sleep Podcast level, but, it gets close at times. You might be able to hear me feverishly chanting ‘nope!’ a few states away.


You can listen to all episodes online for free—whether through iTunes or on the Black Tapes website. My general impression of this podcast is that it is well-researched, although, I’m not a scholar on all of the topics mentioned. If you need something to listen to while working on your Grimoire, Book of Shadows, or your sketching, this is definitely one of my top recommendations. There is a companion podcast called Tanis that I also love—and will be highlighting later on this blog.


Have you listened to The Black Tapes Podcast? Let me know what you think of it in the comments below!

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