Kyanite: What’s it Good For?

Kyanite: What’s it Good For?

Black kyanite is also known as witch’s broom. It does resemble black broom corn bundled together. Many people call units of kyanite ‘wings’ or ‘blades.’ How rad is that? Kyanite comes in a variety of colors, but this post focuses on black.


Three Black Kyanite Wings
Black Kyanite Wings


This mineral pulls double duty as both an energizing and grounding influence. Those that work with chakras often report that it aligns all chakras, but especially on the Root Chakra. It has a calming, tranquil energy.


Witches sometimes seek out black kyanite because it helps with many aspects of magic and meditation. It aids in processing subconscious messages, strengthening intuition, and dream recall. I’d be willing to couple this with smoky quartz as a power-house when it comes to clearing negativity as well. One of my books also states that kyanite is good for breaking habits of self-destruction and self-hatred. I’ve also heard that black kyanite is a protective stone that prevents others from draining your energy.


The jury is out on whether these guys accumulate and retain negative energy. But, a moonlight cleanse couldn’t hurt every once in a while.


If you want a wing of this mineral for your very own, it’s easy to acquire. I’ve seen it available on etsy and eBay, and I can find a ton of it at local rock and mineral shows. Online shopping is more expensive when it comes to this mineral, and you’ll also have to pay shipping. But, if you need this mineral in a pinch and don’t know of a local show, you can find it all over the internet. Try searching for ‘blades’, ‘wings’, ‘fans,’ or ‘spears.’ Polished forms are also available. But, I really love the natural form.


Titanium-coated versions of this mineral are breathtaking. It looks like something out of a dream, or a goblin market. If you like aura quartz, I can almost guarantee you’ll fall in love at first sight. More information is available via The Crystal Vault, and Healing Crystals.


If you liked this content, please consider reading other entries in this series. And let me know what your favorite word for black kyanite formations is in the comments below!

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