Are Fragrant Jewels a Good Gift for a Witch? A Review

Are Fragrant Jewels a Good Gift for a Witch? A Review

Witches love three things in general: jars, tea, and treating themselves. What’s a good treat-yo-self? Bath bombs.

A few months ago, I signed up for a monthly subscription to Fragrant Jewels, and this is my review. Note: I am not an affiliate of Fragrant Jewels and I was not sponsored by them in any capacity. Long story short, the Fragrant Jewels advertisements were all over Facebook and Instagram. Several of my friends and I were curious, so I ended up taking the plunge around early October and decided to go through a few months to see how I liked it. Their Halloween bath bombs looked right up my spooky alley, and I thought a lot of my witchy friends might like it.

Fragrant Jewels sells wax melts, bath bombs, and candles that include a fashion jewelry quality ring inside the product. One of their novelty appeals is that you can have a chance to win a ring valued at multiple thousands with every purchase you make.


Ease of Service: (3/5)

It was super easy to sign up for this service, and monthly subscribers (Inner Circle Members) do receive the benefit of getting more chances at popular items than normal customers. But, I had to change my ring size 2/3 of the way through my trial, and it was difficult to figure out how to do that. I ended up e-mailing customer service, and they got back to me very quickly. My big beef with this is the fact that you have to call to cancel your service. So it feels a bit like a trap, especially for those who have a hard time dealing with phone salespeople.


Actual Product: (3/5)

When I look for bath bombs, I look for two things: water coloration and scent. The Halloween and November scents were both rather nice. They had a smoky, woodsy smell that I’d count among my favorites on smell alone. But, the third bath bomb I received (Santa Baby) was not a winner. It smelled like sweet baking soda, and nothing else. In fact, there was almost a lingering sour tartness from the baking soda on my skin after the fact.

I get that the baking soda content is higher in these guys than in, say, Lush’s bath bombs. It adds the extra thick foam that seems to be popular for social media videos. But, I was not impressed in the scent department on this third bomb.

The texture of the Fragrant Jewel bath bombs is something out of my personal nightmare. All of the extra baking soda makes them SUPER powdery and soft. Each of them basically exploded in my hand while I tried to take off the shrink-wrapping on them and left heavy debris on my floor.

While I loved the smell of the first bath bomb, I HATED it for other reasons. Long story short, I spent a good amount of time trying to clean out my tub after using it. Even after that, I had to go to the grocery the next day for my baking soda, vinegar, and blue Dawn supplies for a heavy-duty clean. My husband asked me if I had been summoning, and then murdering, demons in the tub that night. It also stained my skin black in several places—which required a vigorous scrubbing in a shower after. I haven’t had this problem with any other bath bomb, ever.

The rings are exactly what you pay for. They are mostly $10 rings that have probably been mass-produced in China. But, they don’t itch on my skin. I don’t really wear rings, and would probably only use them as props in a game or LARP. Don’t get these under any illusion that you’ll make money by striking it lucky on the ring game. Many reviews indicate that customers think that they are actually going to get a big honking diamond out of this.

So, these bath bombs really weren’t for me at the $10 a pop price range. And I don’t really see the point of buying $30 candles. So while the bath bombs had a good smell 2/3 of the times, the problems I have had with them make this a no-go for me in the future. That in combination with the fact that I’m probably going to have a bear of a time unsubscribing make me unlikely to recommend this business in the future.

The Score: Solid 3/5.

Premium Mediocre.

But, if you are just in it for instagram videos and photos, it may be worth it for you.


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