Media Spotlight: The Circle of Salt

Media Spotlight: The Circle of Salt

Haven’t you heard? There’s a hot up-and-coming podcast hosted by two witches, and you need to listen to it. Only a circle of salt can protect the occult community from itself.

Circle of Salt isn’t your average occult podcast. First of all, the duo of witch hosts don’t go through the usual grocery list of topics already covered by every other occult podcast on the air or off. Instead, overarching topics include things like handling roommate situations to taboos within the occult and witch communities. It’s a refreshing change of pace, given that most podcasts of this nature speak as if each witch is completely isolated from others. It’s also an interesting take on community in that Circle of Salt treats online communities as legitimate communities that are worth discussing.

Each podcast follows the same format. There are three segments, each with their own short phrase or introduction.

‘Ekas Ekas Este Bullshit’ signals the first segment. The hosts introduce a ‘dish of salt’ on some bullshit, and then explain why they are so salty about said bullshit thing.

With the magical words ‘Echochamber Azarak,’ the second segment begins. In this section of the podcast, hosts Rune and Felix discuss the discourse surrounding the subject of the previous section. It’s a good way of learning about controversial topics without involving yourself directly in any arguments.

The third and final segment is called ‘Celtic Crosshairs,’ wherein the hosts use divination to answer the questions of their listeners. Questions range from serious to silly, but Felix and Rune caution listeners that they can’t answer complex and in-depth questions on air if they aren’t confident they can answer the question in its entirety in their allotted time.

I give the show two thumbs up for being entertaining as well as helpful. It’s a fantastic listen if you have a long holiday commute ahead of you.

Circle of Salt is available on iTunes ( and you can get your questions answered by the hosts if you submit one for their Celtic Crosshairs via the question feature here. ( Word of warning, the hosts are no longer taking anonymous questions. But, as they suggest, you can always make a sockpuppet account for the sole purpose of asking questions, if you want.

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