Witch Favorites: December 2017

Witch Favorites: December 2017

Witches, we’re looking at a wrap on December. So it’s time to name the month’s favorites.


First off, there is The Ancient Magus Bride, based on the manga by Yamazaki Kore. It’s a long standing in-joke that some manga and anime are clearly created by occultist—or at least people who have researched the subject enough to be considered occultists by muggles. Ancient Magus Bride (Mahoutsukai no Yome) has been affectionately dubbed ‘How to TradCraft: the Anime’ by tumblr’s combined witch and fandom community. The original manga is a treat for the eyes, and it’s filled with occult references left and right that have clearly been researched. AMB’s musical score is a delight, and you can preview the opening song here.


Second is my favorite maker of the month. I haven’t gotten anything from Commander Holly’s shop before. But, that Trash Witch washi tape and Baba Yaga enamel pin both hit it right out of the park. They are calling my name, and I’m sure they’re calling yours, too!  Her instagram is home to plenty of videos featuring my second-favorite birds in the world: pigeons! Domestic birds are very close to my heart, and pigeons definitely fall into that category.


Third on my favorites list is artist Rooted and Stitched. Their work is surreal and dreamlike, like something that has literally stepped out of a fairy tale by the magic worked by their very own human hands. Even if you can’t afford their pieces, each is worth taking the time to feast your eyeballs upon.


Last on my list of December favorites is my very favorite crow: Canuck. I first started following Canuck’s daily life with his favorite human over facebook this year. But, many of you may remember Canuck as the infamous crow who stole a knife from a crimes scene and few police officers a few years ago. I love watching the daily antics of this very special corvid, and his new girlfriend: Cassier. Canuck is well known to love snacks, and has a fondness for stealing keys and betting tickets at the local horse races. He’s got more than enough attitude for you and me, but he is an infinitely charming character.


Let’s all look forward to January, and new month of favorites! If you liked any of my December favorites, let me know in a comment below!

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