What Should I Get a Witch? A 2017 Gift Guide Part 1

What Should I Get a Witch? A 2017 Gift Guide Part 1

Got all your favorite witch’s gifts bought and wrapped? It’s that time of year again, saplings. Whether you are celebrating Yule or Christmas this year, you may not have your holiday shopping done yet.  No idea what to get? No problem!

This year, I’m offering a two-part gift guide for any witch or other spooky individual in your life. Part one covers low-cost items that go up to $25 USD. Part two will cover bigger items with a higher price point.

Spell Candles / Chime Candles


Potential witch gift. Candles.

These can come for as little as $0.10 to $0.25 individually, so they make great little gifts if you are on a strict budget. Many traditions make use of candles; small candles like these are almost a fail-safe gift. The only exception is for college students—university dormitories often prohibit the use of incense or candles. Many metaphysical stores or occult shops sell these, but be warned that they may be overpriced. Amazon.com has these in stock, and they are often available through Prime.

If the person in question isn’t out as a witch, I would not suggest these. Instead, maybe grab a few of the small candles from the Yankee Candle Company. The brand name may give enough of an illusion of being a mundane product that you can still get away with the gift without blowing the giftee’s cover!

Link One

Link Two


Live Flowers / Plants

Potential witch gift. Roses and a flower press.

A good addition to a large present horde, or as a single gift, live flowers make great gifts for witches. Many grocery stores carry live herbs, and you can easily dress them up with a nice pot from a craft store or nursery if you have a little extra cash. Bouquets are also nice, because a witch could dry the flower petals out for use after the flowers begin wilting. I usually save some money by buying bouquets from the grocery store ‘bargain’ bouquet area and removing any unsightly blooms.

I’m actually very poor at cultivating plants. But, this would make a great and inexpensive gift for anyone with even a mild green thumb. I would not recommend buying seeds from a grocery store, since many of them can be of questionable quality. If the person you want to buy a gift for is great with plants, try a rare heirloom seed packet or two from rareseeds.

In the event of an undercover witch, consider an air plant or something similar from a nursery. Succulents have been popular lately, and that enough might keep any witchcraft under wraps.


Tea / Coffee

Potential witch gift. A box of David's Tea tea bags, two perfect tea spoons, and a box of tarot cards.

I don’t what it is about magic and tea, but there seems to be a huge overlap between people who work magic and people who love tea. Since Teavana is going out of business, it might be a little harder for non tea-snobs to know where to get the Good Stuff.

David’s Tea has holiday gift possibilities in a variety of price ranges. At the low end, the Perfect Spoon isn’t a show-stopper. But, it’s something that’s almost guaranteed to be used and appreciated. There are also a number of tea-infused sweets and lip balms available that I see many of my fellow witches drooling over.

If you get overwhelmed by the choice, my usual stand-by is any gift set that includes the Perfect Spoon, or a Perfect Spoon in addition to a small box of empty tea bags. I’m always running out of the bags. And even if the giftee in question doesn’t drink tea, they could use the tea bags and spoon for herbal bath sachets! Tea is also trending these days, so there is little to no risk of outing your friend with this present.

The Perfect Spoon

There you have it, a small selection of gifts and gift sources that are high-success rate items, even if you don’t know a thing about the giftee’s practice. I purposefully stayed away from books, since witches and other magic users can be highly specific about those and other tools of the trade. I tried to make gift suggestions that are pain-free and good for practitioners of many traditions. If you liked this article, please look forward to my upcoming post on higher-priced gifts. Also, tell me what your favorite type of witch gift is!

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