What Should I Get a Witch? A 2017 Gift Guide Part 2

What Should I Get a Witch? A 2017 Gift Guide Part 2

Hello, saplings! It’s time for Part Two of the 2017 Witch Gift Guide. Just like Part One, this post is meant to suggest gifts that are good for witches and spellcasters of many different traditions.


Fiendies Holiday Features for Witch Gifts
Images credited to fiendies.com.

Regardless of whether or not the magic-user in question uses spirit/Ouija boards, anything by Fiendies is an almost guaranteed stunner! They have some amazing holiday sets out now, including a set composed of a cauldron and some fire dust.

Some of the shop’s newest additions include enamel pins and a tote bag—both of which would be ideal stocking stuffers in addition to a larger item. Their obsidian scrying portal is a real show-stopper that would have people talking about your gift for a long time to come.

Witch Jewelry

Omnia Studios Holiday Feature for Witch Gifts
Images credited to Omnia Studios.

Omnia Studios are always a hit – if you have the bank account for any of their fine jewelry. I usually recommend gift-givers to buy pendants. That way, any worry about sizing is minimized. Many witches also have their ears pierced, so earrings may also be a good choice. You can choose which metal to use for the gift. I’d suggest Sterling Silver to be careful if you don’t know the giftee’s status on metal allergies.


Moon and Serpent Jewelry Holiday Feature for Witch Gifts
Images Credited to Moon and Serpent

Similarly, Moon and Serpent is also a fine jeweler who works in silver. I’d be personally thrilled to receive jewelry from either artist.


Witch Humor

Excerpts from Amrit Brar's Shitty Horoscopes for Witch Gifts
Images Credited to Amrit Brar

Little has blown up the internet like Amrit Brar’s Shitty Horoscopes. Witches and magic users of all stripes will get more than a few laughs out of all of Amrit’s work. But, my feed has been flooded by notifications that Shitty Horoscopes is back in print and the WIPs of Made Flesh. If you can still get it, Amrit’s Marigold Tarot seems to be the must-have deck of 2017 and probably 2018 as well.


Witch Home Décor

Featured Shelves from Infinite Abyss and Copper Moon for witch gifts
Images credited to Infinite Abyss and Copper Moon

Witches love two things above all else: jars and rocks. Give your favorite spellslinger a place to keep their prized possessions, and keep them in style. Tumblr and Instagram have blown up over the crystal displays of Infinite Abyss and CopperMoon. Both stores also have me wishing that I had a bit more wall space. Infinite Abyss is suitable for those who embrace the occult aesthetic. But, CopperMoon suits best suits a magic worker who is ready to flaunt their magic.

Penumbra Glassworks Feature on Witch Gifts
Images credited to Penumbra Glassworks

Penumbra Glassworks may as well be the end all and be all of occult-aesthetic glasswork, as far as I’m concerned. You can break the bank and buy a huge piece. At the same time, I’m a big fan of the moon catchers. Buying one a year could even become a fun tradition to share with your favorite witch. And, they could also make for fantastic birthday gifts, given that they come in a variety of colors.

And there you have it: four categories of fantastic gifts in the upper price ranges that would fit just about any magic-user. Are you buying any of these items? Tell me all about it! If you enjoyed this post, please consider checking out some of my other articles.

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