Can I Make a Witch Craft Room?

Can I Make a Witch Craft Room?


Sacred Space

Around June of 2017, I realized I needed space for my craft. The word ‘space’ can refer to actual, physical space, and also emotional space. In this context, it meant both. For a long time, I kept my altar on the desk I’d had since middle school, and that desk lived in the bedroom. The cats walked over it on their way to the windowsill. Occasionally, non-magic items found their way onto that space during room cleanups. I also didn’t feel comfortable working there, since my husband often spent time in that room working on his laptop or playing games on the iPad. It finally occurred to me that one of the reasons I wasn’t getting anything ‘done’ was because the space wasn’t working.

I needed somewhere to put my magical things where they wouldn’t be called into (even well-intentioned) question, and they wouldn’t be disturbed by tidying or cat activity. I needed my own ‘territory’ as it were, one that I didn’t need to share with someone else.

In the same week, a witch that I respected made a post about how some witches, their art, and their magic are tightly woven together. A witch that practices through art and through the act of making should a sacred area set aside for their craft and their Craft. In that same week, my husband encouraged me to start seriously looking at re-doing my craft room—which was a hodge podge of folding tables and a miss-matched collection of storage ‘solutions’ that never quite worked out.

I decided to double the room’s purpose. This would be my craft space, and my Craft space.

Fast forward to October, and I had little accomplished in terms of what I dubbed ‘The Artificery Lab,’ aside from a few sketches regarding how to set up the space. My husband and I gave the room a new wall color, and did the painting ourselves. The gumball pink is gone, replaced with a pale, minty green. I did decide that I wanted cabinets across the East wall, to maximize storage and organization. IKEA came to town that month, and I spent a near month-long nightmare getting everything purchased and installed.


Part One: IKEA

Long story short: almost anything that could have gone wrong, did indeed go wrong. Multiple times, if it could. Delivery always came on the incorrect day, at wildly different time from what I scheduled. I was short shipped twice, and then shipped more than what I needed. Here’s a pro-tip, saplings: just rent a truck from Menards or UHaul and transport everything yourself. Or, at least don’t work with an IKEA that’s in its first month of opening day.

In the end, Phase One is complete! I transferred most of my craft supplies into the new space, and it’s looking pretty good! I kept the cabinets white, so the room wouldn’t feel any smaller. There are still a few finishing touches that need doing. But, progress is moving. What do you all think?

I’m definitely very fortunate in that I can take a room like this for myself, and I recognize that a lot of other witches don’t have the physical space or resources to make something like this happen. But, I thought I’d let you all get a peek behind the scenes of the new Laboratory as it’s being completed.


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