Divine with Me: January 2018 Divination Showcase

Divine with Me: January 2018 Divination Showcase

Hello, saplings! It’s time for another Divine with Me, a divination showcase. There are two subjects of this entry, The Milkcap Arcana and The Moon Parlor’s Choose Your Own Adventure spread companion.



The Milkcap Arcana

The Milkcap Arcana is pogs, divination pogs. Back in the 1990s, I wasn’t allowed to play pogs. Almost every school in my area had banned them by the time I was in school, so I never really picked up on the trend even though I saw them once or twice. So I had to look up how to play the game, since the Milkcap Arcana divines using more or less the same method. I cannot believe how many tries it took me to get this even remotely right. I don’t suggest this deck for clumsy people, it’s tears waiting to happen.


The essence of the Milkcap Arcana is simple. Shuffle the pogs, face down, while contemplating your question. Then stack the pogs (I’m guessing you could pick out any number to stack, if you so wish) in a tower, still face down. Make sure you do this on a flat surface. Then, you hold the resin slammer in your hand, slamming it down onto the pile. Let go of the slammer when you make contact.


Any face-up pogs reveal the answer to your query. Each set of the Milkcap Arcana comes with a cootie-catcher folded guide to each part of the set.


The Moon Parlor Tarot Reading

I’ve seen a number of interesting tarot spreads, but this is the only Choose Your Own Advenure style tarot reading I’ve ever come across. Everything from The Moon Parlor Tumblr is beautifully done, with gorgeous graphics. This reading came up on my feed earlier in January, and I just had to share it.


The adventure pdf is found here . While some people might not think there is any virtue in something like this, I disagree. It’s clear how much effort The Moon Parlor put into making this, and they’re offering it for free.


There are other great Tarot exercises on this blog. And many of them look interesting enough that I might have to make a list of what to try.


I hope that you all enjoyed this blog post. I really love finding interesting and unique forms of divination and sharing them with you all. Please leave me a comment to let me know how you liked these two features. And if you liked this blog post, please consider reading the others in this series.

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