Labyrinthos Academy : Tarot App Review

Labyrinthos Academy : Tarot App Review

Can we talk about tarot apps? I mean the kind for smartphones. Specifically, I mean the Labyrinthos Academy app. This app combines the best of any tarot apps I’ve seen in the app store, and does it better than all of them. You may be familiar with the creative minds behind Labyrinthos Academy: they made the Golden Thread Tarot, the Luminous Spirit Tarot, and the Seventh Sphere Lenormand Decks.



If you’re thinking about trying a new app, but don’t want to commit, don’t worry. The price on Labyrinthos Academy is right. And by ‘right,’ I mean completely free. And it isn’t a ‘freemium’ app that requires in-app purchases to get the really good stuff. The entire app is free, 100%. The only way it could get any better would be if these people somehow paid you to use their app.



Features include quizzing on cards, daily draws, and lessons on card meanings. Once you’ve mastered the upright position meanings, you can even move onto reversals. You can also look up past daily draws and your note for them. And I’ve never seen reversals even mentioned in another tarot app. The app itself is stable, and I only ever had a few issues when they were first rolling it out. You also get to choose a little avatar for yourself—which doesn’t leave out non-binary magic users. Nice!


Ease of Use

The app has a short tutorial. But, the interface is very user friendly and intuitive. Clearly the developers knew their stuff, because I have come across many a high-budget app that were nigh unusable. But this is clean, simple, and easy. Love the look as well.


Overall, I give this app 5/5 stars. It’s super handy for public spaces, where you don’t want to pull out your cards or otherwise out yourself to the general public. Everyone and their dead aunt is on their phone these days, so quiz yourself while you’re waiting for the bus.


If you gave Labyrinthos Academy a shot, let me know how you liked it! I’m in no way affiliated with Labyrinthos Academy. I just think they made a cool thing.

Image property of Labyrinthos Academy.

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