What is Geekomancy? It’s Magic. Geek Magic.

What is Geekomancy? It’s Magic. Geek Magic.

Rune S. Emerson coined the terms geekomancer and geekomancy in response to the term ‘pop culture paganism.’ The main difference in the two terms is the ‘pagan’ part. Not all witches and magic users worship as part of their craft. Some have very little to do with gods or spirits at all. So they don’t fall under the ‘pagan’ umbrella. Rather, the relationship between the pagan category and witch category is closer to a venn diagram with some overlap between the two.


Pop culture pagans often incorporate aspects of video games, television shows, literature, and other forms of media into their craft. Some also treat characters from these fictional worlds as spirits or co-op fictional deities for worship.


Geekomancy is very similar. Although, you could argue that the primary difference is that Pop Culture Paganism suggests that its focus is on individual characters whereas Geekomancy focuses more on the setting of fictional worlds. Rune S. Emerson has also said that Geekomancy covers any and all geeky things, and not just what’s available in popular culture. Magic the Gathering cards your thing? Then get your inner Geekomancer going and figure out something to do with those. Trading card games are pretty ripe with material for the taking.


There is also plenty of controversy surrounding ‘geekomancy’ and ‘pop culture magic.’ Although, I personally find the main argument that ‘witchcraft should be only serious and only composed of serious things’ misses the point that no one can really police another witch’s practice and doesn’t understand just how important geeky things can be to someone’s life.


Personally, I’m not against the existence of gods or deities as a whole. But, I don’t have a relationship with any of them—and certainly not a religious one. I fall under secular witchcraft far better than I fall under any label of religious witchcraft. And, personally, I find ‘geekomancer’ a better fit than ‘pop-culture pagan.’ So what’s your favorite geeky thing that inspires magic? Tell me in a comment! And may your bloodstone circle protect you.

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