How to make a Witch Planner

How to make a Witch Planner

When I first started getting into witchcraft, someone told me that witches and planners don’t mix. That didn’t make sense to me. Any sense. Given that jokes about ‘pagan standard time,’ (i.e. being horribly late to any and all engagements) seem common around many magic communities, and that witches generally have busy lives, why wouldn’t they mix with planners?


Come on, guys. Using a planner doesn’t mean you’re organized. Using a planner just means you admit you can’t keep everything about your life in your head. I have trouble keeping track of my mundane day to day activities. January is just a mess of doctor’s appointments and dental cleanings and tax form preparation. Then there’s your household chores and other tasks required to just baseline live. Add magic chores into that, and forget it. I don’t personally think anyone alive can actually remember to do all of that without a little help.


Molly Roberts of HerSpeak made a video on her personal use of bullet journal techniques. I took my witchy journaling one step further into the tech zone, mostly due to my poor handwriting. I also like the ability to copy and paste my weekly habit trackers. But, you can easily change up what you need to by hand, if that’s your jam.

I started using OneNote to keep track of my daily activities. I actually mix my mundane and magic daily activities, just as a way to keep track of my daily activities. It also lets me keep track of my dream diary, my day diary, and any notes together in one place.


I wouldn’t consider this a replacement for a book of shadows or a grimoire. It serves an entirely different purpose. This is more of something you check once in a while to make sure you ordered that book you heard about online. Did you cleanse those crystals? Check the witch planner.


Giving it a shot? Send me some pictures of your spreads in the comments! Let me know how you like the idea.

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